Repair Warming Intimate Gel (tube)


Vaginal Moisturizer / Personal Lubricant

  • Tube (50ml)
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wettrust REPAIR BASIC intimate gel (antibacterial tube type)


Support turning up the romantic temperature by reacting with the moisture of your skin by creating a warming sensation. 

wettrust REPAIR WARMING intimate gel brings you a fun and sensual memory. 



 ■ Heat up your warm heart with a gentle warm touch

   wettrust REPAIR WARMING intimate gel mimics your body's natural moisture with proper pH balance, hypoallergenic formula. 

It provides a gentle warming touch with next-level hydration and a long-lasting silky-smooth glide. 


l Premium water-based formula with a gentle warmining sensation

Hypoallergenic transparent gel 

Eliminates intimate discomfort 

l long-lasting skily smooth glide 

l Boost the blood circulation  

l Leaves no goopy mess, no stains on clothes or sheets 

always safe and hygienic with antibacterial tube 




  ■ Because it should be "ooh yes", not "ouch no"

Every body parts wants to stay hydrated and mosturized.  

wettrust REPAIR WARMING intimate gel provides a soft moisturized feel that disspate across skin, with no stains on your clothing or sheets.


 Natural hydration : Asiatic pennywort extract, green tea extract, and saponaria officinalis leaf extract.

Smooth & long-lasting protection : Jojoba esters oil

l  Deep, long-lasting moisture : Hyaluronic Acid & Beta Glucan

Boost & energize the blood circulation : Ginseng extract, mugwort extract






How to use 


1. Wash hands and open the lid

2. Remove the lid seal and reassemble the lid

3. Hold the tube container and squeeze the gel smoothly

4. Apply a suitable amount of the gel to the intimate area









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