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pHemme® Fresh



  • 1.7g * 10 pieces
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Make your day fresh balancing PH with  pHemme® Fresh!

pHemme® Fresh is a vaginal cleanser that utilizes a disposable syringe type patented applicator. 

pHemme Fresh is pH balanced and helps keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.



Main Features and Functions


 Patented unique applicator provides an exceptional cleansing effect without irritation
 The cleansing gel is transparent, fragrance-free, tasteless, water-based, water-soluble, hypoallergenic, and does not contain any alcohol
 pH balanced (3.5 to 4.5)
 Effectively moisturizes the mucous membrane of the vagina




Good for those who are..


● frustrated by unusual and/or excessive vaginal secretion; odor and/or itching;
 interested in cleansing management before and after a period;
 interested in a mild cleanser without irritation; or
 into swimming or sauna.





pHemme® Fresh utilizes a patented applicator that is specifically designed for maximum comfort when applying, 

unlike the traditional applicators where the rough edges could cause pain and injury to the surrounding soft vaginal tissues.


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