Tea tree

wettrust Tea Tree Feminine Foaming Wash



  • 160ml
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  PURIFY, BALANCE, PROTECT for everyday freshness!

wettrust TEA TREE FEMININE FOAMING WASH is made with natural and plant-based ingredients.

It helps purifying, balancing, and protecting sensitive vulva.


l Hypoallergenic, safe to use everyday 

l Match to your pH 

l 3 mesh pump for smooth protection 

Nature Originated Preservatives and surfactant 

l Carbonated water based 

l 5 herb complex and Tea tree oil



■  plants based, natural derived - Carefully selected for vulva, go beyond cleansing. 


Powered by nature, made with natural and plant-based ingredients. 

Natural surfactants derived from coconut oil, and preservatives extracted from plants.



 Carbonated water-based provide rich minerals to the vulva 

Teatree oil and 5 powerful herb complex : natural cleansing, reducing discomfort and protects the vulva 

Plant-based Preservatives : extracted from plants (using the ultrasonic method). Support vulva's natural protection 

natural surfactants Contain Cocobetain from coconut oil 



■ Refreshing & nourishing care in every pump - 3 mesh pump for smooth protection

The patented 3 mesh pump dispenses a rich, airy foam to cleanse and soothe your intimate area. 




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