Outclear Powder Spray type


Soothing irritated skin

  • 50g
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OUTCLEAR POWDER SPRAY for soothing care
Easy spraying, All-day freshness!
A dry powder spray that solves vulva problems!
It helps keeping your vuvla moist and moist even though it's dry.
You can spray it directly and use it without getting your hands dirty.

■ Must to take wherever you go, Luxuriously silky refreshing powder 
Outclear powder spray will transport you to a magical freshness land with direct easy spraying.
Spray it everywhere for a luxurious floral scent and a silky feel.

l Relieve odor, immediate freshness : Menthol, Lactic acid, Plant-based Powder
l  Maintain vulva clean and healthy : Vitamin C derivatives 
l Moisture activated formulas to help you feel soothed and radiant
l Floral scent refreshing intimate area

Instruction : Shake well before use from a distance of 15cm or more
Tips for using : Use after drying the vulva to keep it fresh and cosy. No need to wipe off after use


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