NEWLY LAUNCHED! [ Femclear ] an intravaginal cleanser, hanamisui x Estepro Lab



Hanamisui (Japan)

NEWLY LAUNCHED! [ Femclear] an intravaginal cleanser, hanamisui x Estepro Lab

Femtech is no longer in the NICHE market, it became ESSENTIAL. 

The dawn of the FemTech revolution has started according to Mckinsey & Company.

This all-purpose term which applied to technology dealing with women’s health, of course, wettrust is leading the trend.

Hanamisui newly collaborated with Esthetic Pro Lab, launched “Femclear”, an intravaginal cleanser for managed medical devices. Esthetic Pro Lab is an inner beauty brand that Prolab Holdings Co., Ltd.‘s first feminine care brand. They specialize in inner beauty such as enzyme drinks, supplements, and beauty drinks. As an exclusive product for beauty salons, beauty salons, treatment clinics, etc., we have more than 17,700 stores nationwide, and there are more than 100 types of product items. Another feature is that there are many celebrity and model drinkers. Currently, we are expanding not only in Japan but also overseas, and our products are spreading to 13 countries around the world such as China, Singapore, Vietnam, the United States, and Macau.

Femclear is produced to solve the problems peculiar to females by blending lactic acid which helps regulate pH levels in the vagina. It is pre-filled with clear gel with applicator, manufactured and managed as medical devices with safety and security as hanamisui’s and Esthetic Pro lab’s priority.

In Japan, the Femtech Parliamentary League (Chairman: Seiko Noda) was established within the Liberal Democratic Party, and it is also an area that the government is working hard to promote since 2020.

The women’s health care market is not just a “beauty” issue anymore and it is recognized as being necessary to widely disseminate that it is not only a health issue but also a social issue that can be affected work productivity and socio-economic burden as a result.

Hanamisui and Esthetic Pro lab teamed up and look forward to leading the solutions for women’s health care problems with Femclear and many more upcoming products.