inclear hits real-time 1,800,000 views on live e-commerce in CHINA




Wettrust’s in&out solution was on live ecommerce, Hit real-time 1,800,000 views with 50 influencers!

inclear and outclear have been interacting with consumers in China on live e-commerce.

Livestream e-commerce is trending not only in China, also all around the world now. 

In a 2020 survey, two-thirds of Chinese consumers said they had bought products via Livestream in the past year (2020, Alixpartners survey).

Ztone, our HANAMISUI distributor in China, has been interacting with shoppers in real-time thru live e-commerce,For more intimate and trusted connections with consumers, Ztone has collaborated with 50 influencers hosts – nano to celebrities. 

Wettrust always has been put to communicate and connect with women first, and Livestreaming is the closest we can come to physically connecting to Women during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With Zhang ting, Lin Yilun, and more KOLs, We were able to have 1,800,000 views of real-time interaction with Women in China, talking about our products, answering questions from the audience, and showing our products.

inclear has been ranked #1 in the feminine hygiene category on 大姨妈, which is one of the most downloaded menstrual app in China. 

大姨妈 is known for providing tracking and recording services to their 120 million women users, with recommendations and purchasing feminine hygiene product services. 

According to Ztone’s marketing person, they are honored to provide a good solution for vaginal health.


Our inclear is beloved with its comfort purifying solution and easy & safe to use applicator by women in the world.