Greet new era with renewed vision! Wettrust Korea & Hanamisui website renewal



Wettrust Korea and Hanamisui Japan

Greet new era with renewed vision Wettrust Korea & Hanamisui website renewal.

In 2003, when the feminine care industry was still largely unexplored, Wettrust planted the seed of our mission to embrace every woman on earth. In 2022, we are getting ready for another step for the future of women’s health.



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In this renewal, we aim to make the website more understandable and easy to use by embracing our significance.

As a global leading company of feminine health care, Wettrust developed an entirely new range of innovative products that never existed before, and so our journey has never been easy. However, because we have never given up pursuing this path, the women in Korea and Japan have come to recognize our sincerity and integrity.



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Wettrust Korea website and Hanamisui Japan website are not changed not only to deliver core philosophy and vision clearly but to provide more improve user experience, includes new trends, and has a very secure technological infrastructure for users to be able to benefit from our website in the best manner. 

We constantly strive to follow up on the current trends in the world, our news, and bring in technological and digital innovations for buyers throughout B2B digital ODM & OEM program.




Check out the new website, Experience better!