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Most of us feel shy to tell our concerns on intimate area even to our very close friends. 

Also, we tend to worry alone instead of seeing a doctor at women’s clinic due to fear. So, HERE WE GO! WOMe started “intimate Zone Committee” to solve girls’ worries! 

Firstly, let’s meet Dr. Sakie to ask our concerns about unpleasant odor of intimate area.


 #01 Concerns on Unpleasant Odor

Who is Dr. Sakie?

- born in 1966

- Worked at Gynecology in Nagoya National Hospital(currently Nagoya Medical Center) in accordance with 3 convictions: Softly, Gently and Painlessly.

- Also worked at a public health center in Nagoya studying high-risk pregnancy and childbirth.

- Since 2002, Dr. Sakie has been working at Sakie Women’s Clinic to listen to patients’ concerns placidly. As a representative of Sakie Women’s Clinic, she consults adolescents and teaches about sex. Dr. Sakie’s specialty is treatments for dyspareunia and unpleasant odor.


Changes of intimate Area as You Age

Q. Does the odor of women’s intimate area change as we age? It is being told that estrogen level drops as we age resulting in losing hormone balance.

A. The answer is “NO”. We should focus on hormone balance.


Women in their 40’s or 50’s (especially who are reaching menopause) are very easy to lose their hormone balance due to condition disorder. Stiff shoulder, headache or dizziness are the major symptoms of condition disorder. Drops of Female hormone (estrogen) might cause condition disorder. There are many middle-aged women who have concerns about intimate area due to condition disorder.

Of course stresses cause condition disorder as well. Even young ladies are sometimes stressed out and express their concern about unpleasant odor.

‘OOO’ Causes Unpleasant Odor

Q. It is surprising to hear that condition disorder might cause unpleasant odor. Does it mean that middle-aged women who tend to feel fatigue are easy to be exposed by unpleasant odor?

A. The point is “Lactobacillus”


I said condition disorder might cause unpleasant odor. Condition disorder is followed by “bad” vaginal environment. Women’s vagina keeps its sub-acidity by its self-purification. However, when we feel bad, harmful bacteria tend to overgrow and lead to vagina’s pH alkaline with unpleasant odor. Beneficial bacteria, Lactobacillus, ferments glucose to make lactic acid in healthy women’s vagina. And lactic acid suppresses harmful bacteria’s proliferation. When our immune function decreases, vagina’s self-purification capacity does not work normally. This is because of both decrease in Lactobacillus and increase in acidity. Increased pH(sub-acid) is a suitable environment for harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Gardnerella that cause unpleasant odor.


Furthermore, genital chlamydial infection (usually caused by sexual relations) might cause unpleasant odor as well.

Kinds of Unpleasant Odors

Q. When we should go to see a doctor immediately due to unpleasant odor?

A. If you have fishy vaginal odor, suspect bacterial vaginitis!

When you have bacterial vaginitis, it smells like a rotten fish smell. If you can smell it at a toilet or if your partner tells about it, you should see a doctor immediately.

There are also sensitive women who tend to think their body smell. We call this bromidrosiphobia as a medical term. Even in this case, seeing a doctor can be helpful for you to check your health.

In addition, during your period and/or after period, you might smell blood. As it is just natural, do not worry too much about it. Just be cautious about the fishy vaginal odor.


How to Prevent Odor of My Intimate Area?

Q. Please let me know the best way to prevent unpleasant odor of my intimate area!

I do not want to even imagine to smell fishy vaginal odor. Is there any tips we have to keep in our everyday life to prevent this gross smell?


A. It is quite simple. Maintain your condition carefully: sleep enough, eat healthy, rest your body and release stresses. For instance, people tend to catch a cold when they feel bad due to decreased immune function. Likewise, in this circumstance, it is highly possible for women to have unpleasant vaginal odor. So please check your condition carefully.



Also, it is recommended to replace panty liners frequently to prevent harmful bacteria’s proliferation. Tight clothes, so-called skinny jeans, stockings, girdle and synthetic underwear tend to cause vaginal odor. Choose cotton fabric and comfy clothes instead that your body can breathe. Plus, not wearing any underwear is not recommended at all. Do not make your intimate area chilled.