Innergarm, a feminine care brand, launches ‘WH-01 Inner Light-Up Cream’




Innergarm, a feminine care brand, launches ‘WH-01 Inner Light-Up Cream’


Innergarm, a brand specializing in feminine care, announced that it has launched a new product called 'Innergarm WH-01 Inner Light-up Cream' that brightens discolored skin.

'Innergarm WH-01 Inner Light-up Cream' is a product produced with the contents supplied from 'COSLAB Tecnologia Cosmetica S.R.L', an Italian cosmetic medical company.  


In particular, it is characterized by no detection of harmful ingredients such as 7 types of parabens and 26 types of allergen-inducing substances, and non-irritation judgment by skin irritation test, so that consumers can use it with confidence.

In addition, vitamin C derivatives and butylresorcinol ingredients make the skin bright and lively, and six moisturizing ingredients make the skin moist and soft.



An official from the company said, “I recommend it to women who are worried about darkened Y-zone due to hair removal, frequent friction, and dryness.” It is irrelevant even if it is applied to.”


Meanwhile, innergarm is on sale to commemorate the launch of a new product, and details can be found at the innergarm direct management mall.