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Vaginal Health

pH Balance

pH Balance

It is important to maintain pH balanced of our body. Check your vagina is in the optimal pH range.

01 Necessity Feminine Cleanser

We cannot simply use the same cleanser for all body parts. We use different products for the face and the body. Same logic can be applied here for female intimate area that is so much sensitive and needs to be treated carefully. Prepare a RIGHT product for your intimate area!

02 Which Feminine Cleanser is best for me?

We should be cautious about choosing personal care products. Women’s vagina is sensitively pH balanced. Harsh soap or body wash can disrupt the balance and cause irritation or dryness of the intimae area. As personal care products are closely related to hygiene, WT recommends you to choose a soap-free, with natural ingredients feminine cleanser.

03 Importance of pH balanced

  Vaginal pH Balance

In a healthy female body, the vaginal pH levels are slightly towards the acidic side, somewhere between 3.8 and 4.5. This is natural and for the protection of the genital organs. Certain beneficial bacteria stay there and help to maintain normal vaginal pH.
A slightly acidic pH is essential and guards the vagina against infections. It does not let harmful bacteria and fungi grow there. So the vagina is healthiest when it has an acidic pH level.

  What is pH?


pH is a scale of acidity and alkalinity.
The measurements range from 0 to 14: a pH lower than 7 is acidic, and a pH higher than 7 is considered alkaline.

  Vaginal pH Imbalance

An imbalance in the vaginal pH may cause itching, burning while urinating, excess discharge and even infections.

→Causes of Disturbed Vaginal pH - Improper hygiene of the intimate area.
- Douching or washing the vaginal canal with harsh soaps.
- Tight clothing habit
- Disturbed diet or sleep
- Unhealthy eating habits
- After menstruation
- Too much of caffeine or aerated drinks
- Certain medications like anti-histamines

  How to Restore Vaginal pH

Nothing more than a healthy lifestyle and basic principles of hygiene are the best way for happy vagina! - Keep the area clean and dry. Dab the area with a dry towel after bathing. We should prevent moisture getting trapped in the vaginal area. Moistness predisposes to fungal infections.
- Avoid using harsh soaps on the intimate area.
- Wear loose cotton-based undergarments most of the time, particularly at night times. They allow the area to breathe while you sleep.
- Avoid excess of tea, coffee and other carbonated drinks that can directly influence the vaginal pH.
- Too much of junk food is bad. Processed food contains lots of salts, preservatives that affect the flora of the region and hence the health.
- Eat healthy. Actually, it is our diet that is the key point to have a healthy body, including a healthy vagina.
- Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water.
- Always wipe off from front to back, never the other way.
- Change your sanitary napkins frequently.
- Practice safe sex always. Change condoms when required.
- Avoid taking hormonal pills.
- And using Innergarm Feminine Cleanser is highly recommended to be gorgeous from inner beauty!