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Medical Practitioners

Medical Practitioners

Recommendations from Trustworthy Professionals


Dr. Niwa Sakie,

Gynecologists Director of Sakie Ladies’ Clinic
Member of Japanese Society of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Member of World Health Professions Alliance
Authorized sex therapist

Women's Delicate Area Needs to Be Treated DIFFERENTLY

The skin of women’s delicate area is very thin and sensitive. As it is quite vulnerable, it has to be dealt with much care in a proper way.

Women’s delicate area can be sweaty easily and get dirty with discharges such as blood, urine and leukorrhea. So we should care about hygiene of the intimate area all the time. Women’s delicate area is sub-acid(pH 3.8~4.5) to protect itself from outside invaders. Using harsh soaps or body cleansers can break down the pH balance and lead to itching and dryness of the intimate area.

In addition, irregular life style, too much stress, bad condition, lack of sleep and unbalanced diet can decrease the secretion of estrogen hormone. Decreased estrogen disrupts normal activities of lactobacillus that produces lactic acid. The role of lactic acid is to keep acidity pH of the important part preventing harmful bacteria. If the amount of lactic acid is insufficient, bad bacteria become proliferate causing many troubles as well as unpleasant odor.

I recommend you to use inclear, a feminine cleansing gel with lactic acid. inclear helps to make the environment of the intimate area suitable for beneficial bacteria, suppressing the bad ones at a same time.

About Dr. Niwa Sakie

Dr. Niwa Sakie’s medical treatment motto is ‘gentleness’ and ‘politeness’ in order not to hurt her patients physically, mentally and emotionally. She listens to patients’ even trivial things carefully for providing sophisticated care all the time. Dr. Niwa Sakie, not only doing gynecological examination, she also gives lectures on puberty troubles and sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, she consults people with sexual pain or sexless troubles too as an authorized sex therapist.

Feminine Cleanser & Woman

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