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Find your nearest Wettrust partner in the world. We are ready to listen to you.




Central Park Tower Latour shinjuku 609, 6-15-1, nishi-shinjuku, shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Web :

Tel : 81-3-6304-5797

Fax : 81-3-6304-5790

Women’s Ultimate Happiness from Inside.

Even at this very moment, lots of women are concerning about their bodies. HANAMISUI’s all the passion, efforts and tries are for responding to women’s worries on their delicate mind and body.

Beyond the border, language and the race!
HANAMISUI will be there all the time as your closest friend.

Mission HANAMISUI is women’s closest friend.
Vision : HANAMISUI takes care of every woman on the Earth.
Value : As a leading company for women’s intimate area, HANAMISUI listens to women’s concerns carefully to develop trustworthy and safe products.