Orgasm-FULL Life (1): Is Your Vagina Ready?




Who is Olivia?

Olivia was born in 1980. Olivia is a Love adviser, Aroma therapist, and Producer of Sexual Wellness. Olivia started to work for in her field by writing a graduate thesis about “Female Masturbation.” Olivia decided her life theme as “Fill the World with Happy Woman!” and became a total adviser of sexuality since in 2007. Olivia appears on TV and radio, publishes books, writes columns in magazines, blogs, Social media, and online. Olivia presents her ideas with balanced use of “workshops” and “MEDIA” to organize workshops and has appeared in many events in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka. Often appeared in many famous female magazines suchanan」「Nikkei WOMAN」「HARPER’S BAZZAR」「VOCE」「Tmago Club」「Sutekina Okusan. Also, weekly magazines such AERA」「FRIDAY」「SPA! in Japan. Olivia has become an opinion leader of sexuality topcis and Articles for sexuality features in Japan. Olivia’s original couple massage named “LOVE MOMI” (invented by her experience of Aroma therapist and advising love life), has become very popular as “Night training for married life.” Having only been marketed by word of mouth, many people come to visit from all over Japan. Olivia’s original therapy, created by mixture of sexual counseling and aroma treatment, has a good reputation as “Woman can find out her femininity” and get unbridled love of body. Olivia’s bookBest feeling of SEX, never get tired of SEX, feel more pleasure in SEXwas released on Jan16 2015 in Taiwan. Olivia introduces her idea of enjoying sexual life not only to Japan but to the whole world.


Have you ever thought about your vaginal environments?

Hello everyone! Your love live advisor Olivia came back!

I’m sure that most of you have heard about the importance of intestine health to strengthen your immune system from media. Dairy foods (e.g. yogurt drinks) or probiotic capsules are very popular these days for intestine health.

In fact, your intestine health is related to your vagina health very closely. And your healthy vagina affects your sex life a lot.

Haven’t you ever been reluctant to have oral sex from your partner due to unpleasant odor from your delicate area? Haven’t you ever doubted that your partner tends to avoid performing oral sex due to unpleasant odor from your down there?

Apart from your sex life, your vaginal health also affects vaginal odor, increase/decrease of vaginal discharge and/or pregnancy.


What is the IDEAL vaginal environment?

Let me tell you about vaginal environment generally first.

Healthy body is pH-balanced. If we’re healthy, our body is neither acid nor alkaline. If you have a dim memory on what pH is, remind yourself on the litmus paper that we used once (for sure!) in science class.

Different from our body, your vaginal discharge is from pH 3.8 to pH 4.5 normally. It is sub-acid. Maintaining pH balanced as sub-acid is very important for your vagina because acidity helps to prevent harmful bacteria’s overgrowth. We call this vagina’s self-purification.

If you would like to enjoy orgasm-FULL sex life, checking your vagina health is essential.


How to Take Care of Your Vagina Properly?

Irregular life style, lots of stresses and aging are main reasons to break vagina’s pH balance. When the balance is broken, pH is turned to alkaline with unpleasant odor and excessive/too little vaginal discharge.

There is an innovative product that can take care of your vagina by yourself with ease. You can call it “inclear”. inclear’s appearance and its usage is very similar to *Tampon (a tube made of cotton that a woman puts inside her vagina in order to absorb blood during menstruation).

Precisely, inclear is not a personal lubricant that enhances the joy of your sexual activities. It would be better for inclear to be regarded as a ‘transparent jelly to care of your vagina by strengthening your vagina’s self-purification’. You can use inclear not only just for sex but also for daily care to reduce unpleasant odor as well as excessive/too little vaginal discharge.

You don’t need to worry about how to insert inclear. To be honest, it is much easier than inserting a Tampon. If you’re planning to have sex with your loved one, it is highly recommended for you to make your vagina ready in advance (a couple of days earlier) for your ROMANTIC day.

Making your vagina ready can be an etiquette for your loved one; and it is important as well for yourself to concentrate on that WONDERFUL moment without any worries (including possibility of having vagina infection).


Is Personal Lubricant Helpful for Getting Pregnant?

As I hoped to get pregnant, I became concerned about vaginal environments. During my study on the pregnancy and vaginal environments, I could have heard a lot that there were so many women who were suffering from pain during intercourse. There is no doubt that dyspareunia is so painful. However, many women try to bear the pain with a sense of duty to fulfill the objective: “having a baby”! But the problem is, when women feel pain, their body become defensive unintentionally. Under this circumstance, decreased secretion during sex is just natural reaction from women’s body.

Ideally, sperms should be delivered into the womb with sub-acid secretion from women’s cervical canal. Using a personal lubricant properly can be helpful for the couples who are trying to conceive. Many people tend to think that personal lubricant might damage sperms. This is correct “in a way”. As normal personal lubricants aim at providing softness and smoothness during sex, they might affect sperm mobility. If you plan a family, ask about the lubricant you use to the manufacturer before use. Also, it is recommended for you to find a personal lubricant with suitable pH and osmotic pressure for sperm mobility.



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