Teach me! Dr. Sakie (3)




Delicate Zone Committee #03_ Understanding the Vaginal Environment
Who is Dr. Sakie?
- born in 1966
- Worked at Gynecology in Nagoya National Hospital(currently Nagoya Medical Center) in accordance with 3 convictions: Sofly, Gently and Painlessly.
- Also worked at a public health center in Nagoya studying high-risk pregnancy and childbirth.
- Since 2002, Dr. Sakie has been working at Sakie Women’s Clinic to listen to patiens’ concerns placidly. As a representative of Sakie Women’s Clinic, she consults adolescnets and teaches about sex. Dr. Sakie’s specialty is treatments for dyspareunia and unpleasant odor.
Q. What is “healthy” vaginal environment?
Are there any tips you can suggest for us to keep healthy vaginal environment?

A.Healthy vaginal environment is closely related to the balance of acidity and alkalinity. There should be lactobacillus to keep vagina sub-acid. When the pH of vagina is being kept sub-acid, we can say “your vagina is healthy!” Also, it is normal when the color of your vagina discharge is transparent or whitish.
Q. How to keep vagina healthy?
Girls tend to be afraid of going to see a doctor though they feel uncomfortable with their vagina. Is there any tips for us to check our vagina’s health by ourselves?

A. First of all, do your best to keep your body in good condition all the time. There are a couple of things you should keep in mind for this. Having enough sleep, having a well-balanced diet, not to be stressed out and etc. These are very easy and simple things to do. However, people apt to ignore them.

Secondly, be cautious when you have sex. Sex is one of the major reasons affect your vaginal environment. Semen is alkaline. So, semen can break your vagina’s pH balance especially when you are in poor condition or when your immunity level is not that high.

It is recommended for you not to have sex when your condition is not good enough. There is no doubt that sex is an ultimate way of communication between the lovers. However, having enough conversations with your partner should be done firstly to check each others’ condition before that romantic moment.
Q. Are there any changes on vaginal environment as we grow old?
Recently, I heard that it is almost impossible for women in their 50’s to have sex. What’s the reason why? Are there any helpful tips for them to enjoy their love life?

A. The key is, female hormone. As women grow old, the amount of female hormone decreases. And this causes vaginal atrophy. You should talk with your partner on the condition of your vagina in detail.

If you go to see a doctor, he/she might prescribe you a female hormone pill. However, if you have high risks of thrombosis or if you had breast cancer surgery before, the pill is not for you. In this case, using personal lubricant can be a solution for your love life.
Q. Please tell me the importance and the necessity of taking care women’s intimate zone.

A. It is no exaggeration to say that women’s vaginal health is a barometer of women’s health. When women are stressed or when they are in poor condition, vaginal environment changes right away followed by unpleasant odor or excessive discharge. Womb is a symbol of women. When we remind of this fact, taking care of our delicate zone must not be neglected at all. Just keep in mind that taking care of your delicate zone is the first step to live young and healthy.