Interview with Naomi Furuyama




Delicate Zone Committee #04_ Love Therapist on “Ways to Take Care of Delicate Zone for My Boyfriend and Husband”
Who is Nomi Furuyama?
- Divorced in her late 20’s.
- Got a job miraculously at Achievement Corporation without any academic background, money and even no previous work experience.
By the merest chance, she took courses of psychology and how to achieve a goal. After retirement in 2013, she re-married current husband.
These days, she is giving lectures to make lifelong love and marriage travelling all over Japan.
When was your 1st time to feel the necessity of delicate zone care? Probably it was when you got a boyfrined. Taking care of your delicate zone is quite important not only for yourself but also for your loved one. I was first get interested in delicate zone care when I was a 1st year high school student. At that time, I had a boyfriend who was 2 year older than I.

One day my friends and I were looking at an adult magazine having a conversation how we washed delicate zone. None of us knew the proper way to wash our delicate areas, and of course there was nobody who taught us how to do it. Back home, I wanted to check what my delicate zone looked like, and I was very surprised at mine in the mirror. Though I was not sure which part was which, I did my best to keep it clean using a bar soap. Of course, it hurt a lot. Until I reached the age of 30, I washed my delicate zone with a bar soap. To be honest, I even washed my vagina using my fingers with soap bubbles. Yes, I still had no idea how to take care of my delicate area even I was in my 30’s.

Whenever I made love with my husband, I felt pain instead of joy. I wanted to enjoy the intimate relationship with my husband of course, but it was not easy at all due to the wrong way I kept for a long time. After starting my career as a love therapist, I was introduced feminine wash made in France and in US by my friends fortunately in the end.


It is quite easy to buy feminine wash at a supermarket in western countries. However, even these days, finding a feminine wash at a supermarket or at a CVS is quite difficult in Japan. Finding adult magazines is much easier than this.

In Japan, talking about women’s delicate area is kind of a taboo. Most people regard it as filthy. I feel sad over this social atmosphere. I’d like to ask you to change your thoughts first. Women’s delicate zone is just femininity itself. We have to ask ourselves why we tend to neglect our delicate zone while taking care of our faces with all our efforts.

Intimate area's care is closely related your health as well. If you feel itching or you can smell fish odor from your intimate area, please do not hesitate to go to women’s clinic. I also would like you to check your discharge carefully. Depending on your ovarian cycle, color and thickness of your discharge change.

Like everyone has different faces, every woman’s delicate zone is totally different. One of the myths many people believe is dark color of women’s delicate area reflects women’s sexual immorality. I’m dumbfounded to hear that there are still somebody who believe this ridiculous myth even in the 21st century!
Like the skin color, it is just natural for women to have different delicate zone colors. If you’re very much concerned about the color of your delicate area, you can have laser surgery or get some help from whitening cream products. As we do not feel ashamed of using wrinkle free cream or having plastic surgery for face, I hope the time comes soon when we can talk about taking care of our delicate area, such as vaginal tightening, openly.

Before finishing this interview, I’d like to emphasize this once again. Taking care of your intimate area properly is as much as important to take care of your appearance. If you’re still afraid of facing your delicate area, start with using feminine wash. And try to get some help from professionals such as doctors or like me. I’ll be here all the time to help you out. I also wish you a very good luck with your love life with your healthy intimate area!