Media Tour across Canada with pharmacist Ms. Sherry Torkos!




In June, Aurium Pharma worked with a well-known Pharmacist, Ms. Sherry Torkos, to do a media tour across Canada.

She talked about various beneficial items for women during the shows, and her words were quite appealing. pHemme Restore was introduced with coconut oil, tofu, hemp seeds and berries as a health supplement especially for senior women.

For more information, you can follow the links below and check her advice for women’s health!






1. CTV News at Noon –
2. CTV Evening News –
3. CTV News –
4. CTV News –
5. BT Calgary –
6. CTV News at Noon –
7. Global BC News at Noon –
8. Global Morning News (Clip starts at 33:12) –
9. Global Morning News –
10. CTV News –
11. Global National Morning Show –