Dr. Sakie introduce Outclear on chitsu pedia!



A renowned obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. Sakie carefully selected and recommended 3 products for women's health. 

Outstandingly, Outclear MOUSSE was selected and introduced on an online site called Chitsu pedia.


The online media promotes sexual wellness concepts and its contents consist of the categories given below:

   - Interview article and video

   - Collaboration planning

   - Published advertisement for the intimate area


It supports the search for information on aspects such as vaginal lasers and gynecological plastic surgery clinics.



 Please check Outclear's part of 3:59〜4:53 in the video! :) 


The main theme of the contents introduced by Dr. Sakie are as follows.

The skin of the intimate area is extremely thin, as thin as the eyelid and so it is likely to be dryer than other body parts.

The soap used for the intimate area should be sub-acidic to maintain vaginal health.


Hanamisui's Outclear Care Wash (Mousse Type) is one of the most recommended products.

This is a another product within the inclear brand, which is for intravaginal care.

It can be a good solution to improve odor and darkened skin in the intimate area.


This product is also designed to be used by men and so it is recommended for both men and women.